Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Police to crack down on false rape claims, but not to protect innocent men

The news story linked below is a stunning example of the point we previously made at this post: HOW WOMEN BECAME THE 'VICTIMS' OF A CRIME THAT ONLY TARGETS MEN: FALSE RAPE CLAIMS IN THE FEMINIST 'RAPE CULTURE.

Although false reporting of rape is a crime whose victims are almost exclusively male, it has become so embroiled in the feminist sexual assault milieu that discussing it as a potentially significant problem for men as a class is strictly verboten because such view does not conform to the feminist rape metanarrative. Men as a class cannot be oppressed, according to this worldview, even if individual men routinely are. And if innocent men routinely are oppressed, it's best not to underscore that point lest people begin to suspect that men as a class routinely are oppressed.

Case in point: the crime of false reporting. This crime may be unique among all crimes because virtually the entire public discourse about it is dominated by persons who insist it is not a serious public threat. At least not to men. If it is a threat at all, it’s to women, they insist.

As we previously stated: ". . . when the crime of false reporting is discussed . . . , it is typically viewed through a gynocentric lens that blinks at the harm it causes innocent men. News reports about false rape claims take on an almost surreal cookie-cutter redundancy. Police typically adopt an indifference to the male victims, instead choosing to chide the false accuser for wasting police time. More disturbing is that news accounts often report a police officer, sexual assault counselor or judge chiding the false accuser for the "real" harm she's caused -- not to the man wrongly accused or to other potential men she might accuse -- but to hypothetical, unknown, even unborn women whose reports of real rapes might be looked upon with suspicion because of the lie.

All of those elements are found in the following story. Police are fed up with false rape claims and make it clear that they are going to crack down on them. But not once in the story below -- not once -- do the police suggest that they are cracking down to protect the real victims of this crime, innocent men falsely accused of rape. Instead, the police bellyache about the fact that false claims waste their time and insult the "real victims" or rape.

Excuse me: are you not discussing false rape claims? Then the "real victims" of this crime are men falsely accused of rape. How dare you denigrate the victims of false rape claims by ignoring them, by minimizing their injuries, or by wishing them away.

Here is the story:

Police warning over false rape complaints

Hamilton [New Zealand] police warn that anyone who makes a false rape complaint, which wastes valuable time and resources, runs the risk of prosecution.

The warning comes as a woman appears in Hamilton District Court this morning charged with attempting to pervert the course of justice, arising from rape complaint made last November.

Detective Senior Sergeant Chris Page said the Hamilton woman claimed she was raped after an offender forced his way into her flat but this was proved to be untrue.

"A large amount of police and ESR resources and time was put into the investigation," he said.

"The media coverage of this incident was significant as police dealt with a number of rape allegations at that time. This case has proven to be the third false complaint from that week."

Mr Page said he was disappointed the time of specialist doctors who were called out, ESR forensic experts and detectives had been wasted.

"It's even more frustrating when real complaints had been put to one side to deal with this and other similar allegations at the time.

"The detrimental impact is far reaching and precious investigation time cannot afford to be wasted.

"Instances such as this are an insult to those real victims who police work closely with," he said.

Mr Page said Operation Phil, the Hamilton serial rape case, was not affected by this and continued to be investigated.

"Those three complaints that make up Operation Phil remain valid and detectives are committed to locating the offender," he said.