Friday, June 20, 2008

Note to readers

I've enabled comment moderation because a misandrist left an insulting, typically foul-mouthed radical feminist comment (which I've deleted). Such action denigrates the innocent men who have been victimized by false rape claims and who I know read this blog because they write to me. It is sad to think that some of them might have seen this wicked display of hate-mongering before I was able to delete it.

It is most unfortunate that the hateful woman who made the comment in question is incapable of recognizing that, like true rape victims, truly innocent men who are the targets of false rape claims are victims, too.

Our goal in this blog is not to denigrate rape victims or to insist that false claims dominate the public discourse about rape at the expense of dismissing prejudices true rape victims still face. Our goal is simply to insist that false claims be included in the public discourse about rape. That's all.

The vile comment by an anonymous writer makes this much clear: some people will never tolerate the inclusion of false claims in any discussion about rape except to disingenuously dismiss it as a myth. How terribly sad.