Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Man arrested over woman's allegation that he raped her -- in 1995: How is this possibly fair to the man?

Gentlemen, you would do well to start keeping a detailed diary of your every encounter, and saving such diary forever, because otherwise how on earth could you remember what happened if you are accused of raping a woman years and years ago?

John Leslie, a 43-year-old television personality, has been accused of raping a woman in November 1995. You read that right -- November 1995. The woman at the center of the allegation claims that the man forced himself on her after inviting her and group of friends back to his house. The woman, who says that she was in her early 20s when the alleged assault took place, reported the claim to police several weeks ago.

Did you get that? She reported the claim several weeks ago. Dating from 1995. And the police actually arrested him over it.

And this is fair the man how? How could he possibly remember anything about the evening in question? If he is innocent (and I suspect he is), probably the most he could honestly say is, "I have no clear recollection of that night, but I would never rape a woman."

This underscores the power a woman has over a male, any male, that she can make an allegation about an encounter that occurred more than a decade ago and cause him to be arrested. It is not fair; it is not just; and it is symptomatic of culture in the death grip of radical feminist hysteria. Any liar, to put it crudely, has got every man and teenage boy by the balls. That a liar can destroy any one of us with nothing more than a fabrication of rape proves there is something very, very wrong with the system.