Saturday, June 14, 2008

Girl seeks to avoid living with her mother -- by trying to destroy the life of her mother's boyfriend with a false rape claim

As we see repeatedly in the stories we cover on this Web site, the vast majority of false rape claims have an understandable -- albeit reprehensible -- motivation. In this latest news story, a girl lies to avoid living with her mother. To achieve her goal, she cavalierly sought to destroy the life of her mother's boyfriend. The innocent male is collateral damage in this wicked scheme. The police are commended for charging her, especially since she named a specific man.

I, of course, hear from innocent men whose lives have been turned upside down by a false rape claim. The distinctive characteristic of their false accusers is a cavalier attitude. Hence the necessity to charge them with false reporting to deter others from following suit.

Here is the news story:

Newport News girl, 15, charged after false rape accusation

NEWPORT NEWS - A 15-year-old
Newport News girl has been charged with filing a false police report after she admitted to detectives that she fabricated a rape accusation against her mother's boyfriend.

Police spokeswoman Holly Tepper said the girl told school officials last week that her mother's boyfriend had raped her on Feb. 14 at her home.

A detective investigated and determined that the girl's story was false, Tepper said. The girl then admitted she had fabricated the story because she did not want to live with her mother, Tepper said.

The girl has been charged, but her court date has not yet been set. Her name has not been released to the media because of her age.