Saturday, June 28, 2008

Girl falsely accuses ex-fiance of rape because he supposedly kissed another girl

Here's a disturbing news story (set forth below). A 19-year-old female, upset over an unfounded rumor that her 20-year-old ex-fiance kissed another girl, dumped him and waited several months before making a false rape claim against him.

She claimed that he forced his way into the home they once shared, pushed her down on the sofa and sexually assaulted her. The next day officers came into the pub where the young man worked as a bartender and arrested him. "I was arrested at work in front of colleagues and customers. It was awful," the young man said.

Police held him for questioning for almost 24 hours. Solely on the basis of a vindictive lie. This underscores a painful truth: Virtually any female can have virtually any man or teenage boy deprived of his liberty, at least for a time, solely by making up a terrible, terrible lie that he raped her.

The accuser's story fell apart, and the young man was released. Police charged her with wasting their time. The remorseless young woman has now pled guilty. And she "may" face jail time.

Get that? The young man already served jail time for her lie, not to mention the humiliation he experienced of being arrested in front of his colleagues and the anxiety of years in prison hanging over his head. His confidence has been affected, and he's unable to trust women. And she may, or may not, serve jail time?

Excuse me?

The young man said, "I would love to see her in jail." So would we all. Only when women are punished fairly for such lies will the lies stop. As it is, women have very little incentive not to tell these life-altering prevarications.

But women don't lie about rape, remember? Right.


Teenager who falsely claimed her boyfriend raped her after he kissed another girl faces jail

A teenage girl who falsely accused her ex-boyfriend of rape after hearing that he had kissed another girl now faces jail.

Gemma Capon, 19, claimed that her former fiance Graham Tysoe, 20, forced his way into her home and attacked her after their five month relationship ended.

She told police he pushed her down on the sofa in the living room of the home they once shared and sexually assaulted her.

The next day officers arrested the bartender at the pub where he was working and he was held for questioning for almost 24 hours.

But he was later released after police confronted Capon about discrepancies in her story and she admitted that she had lied.

Now the teenager has been warned she could face up to a six month jail sentence for wasting police time.

The couple met through the internet last year after attending the same primary school.

They got engaged earlier this year and moved in together to a flat in Shoebury, Essex.

But Capon threw him out of the flat in April after she was told that her fiance had kissed another girl.

Mr Tysoe said: 'We were engaged, I gave her a ring. 'But the break up was quite dramatic. I went out with my mates one night and someone said they had a video of me kissing someone else but nothing happened.

'There was no video but Gemma wouldn't believe me.

'I was in love with her once. When it finished I was sad but I thought we would meet occasionally and say, 'hi'.

'I hadn't seen her and three months down the line I got this.'

Capon told police that the attack took place on June 4 this year, but police discovered that Mr Tysoe had been at a friend's house at the time.

She also claimed that a mutual friend of the former couple had been present during the attack, but it later emerged that he had an alibi. This week Capon pleaded pleading guilty to wasting police time at Southend Magistrates Court. The court heard that officers spent 136 hours investigating the false claims.

Chair of the bench Christopher Catchpole, warned Capon that she may be sent to prison when she is sentenced next month.

Capon showed no remorse in court, but on her webpage she recently posted a new motto: 'Never create hassle, it only comes back to bite you.'

The blonde-haired teenager who lists acting amongst her interests, also said she was looking for friends and possibly a new partner.

Speaking after the case, Mr Tysoe said the ordeal had left him unable to trust women.

The former pupil at King Edmund School in Rochester said: 'I was arrested at work in front of colleagues and customers. It was awful.

'They said my ex-girlfriend had accused me.

'I just thought, 'oh god, no, this can't be happening'."

'My colleagues and family know me and knew I couldn't have done anything like this.

'I was hurt that she could do this to me.

'I have no idea why she did it, it must have been some twisted attempt at revenge.

'She is a fantasist. I would love to see her in jail.

'I don't understand why anyone would do something like this. It has affected me at work and in myself.

'I'm less confident and I don't trust women anymore.'

His mother Sharon added: 'Women who do this sort of thing are so vindictive it makes my blood boil.

'It's nasty and they don't realise what they put the accused through.'