Thursday, June 26, 2008

A false rape epidemic in New Zealand

It's a false rape epidemic in New Zealand (see the story reprinted below), and police say the false claims are an insult to -- other hypothetical rape victims.

Excuse me? And what about the innocent men who are or could be arrested, and sent away for decades, because of these lies? Are these claims not "an insult" to them? The assertion is common in these cases that the "real" victims of false claims are hypothetical female rape victims who might not come forward out of fear they will be disbelieved on account of the lie -- see How Women Became the Victims of a Crime That Only Targets Men: False Rape Claims in the Feminist 'Rape Culture'

But false rape claims are never going to be taken seriously, and they are never going to be stopped, until society acknowledges that they are primarily a significant problem for men -- innocent men to be exact. The crime has a real flesh and blood victim -- and the victim has a penis. Men need to realize that they, as a gender, are being targeted, and that virtually any man or teenage boy can fall prey to a false claim. If any other class was targeted for a crime so vile, the members of that class would be up in arms protesting.

The feminists treat every rape as an assault against women as a class (even though perhaps a majority of rapes are perpetrated on males in prison -- you see, the rape of a female is a national disaster; the rape of a male is a punchline). In the same way, false claims are an assault against men as a class. Why don't men realize this? Even if an arrest is not made because of the lie, when a false claim is lodged, police investigate it and seek to arrest a male -- an innocent male at that (innocent because there's been no rape). And sometimes they do, and sometimes an innocent man or boy rots away in prison for decades. And someday that innocent male might just be you, or your son, or your father or brother.


And if New Zealand thinks false claims are such a problem (and they are), why aren't women properly punished for this crime? Look at the sentences for these crimes at the end of the story below. None of them were given any jail time. None. False claims will never be stopped if women know they won't receive a significant sentence for making them. If the lies had their intended effect and a man had been arrested, he could have served decades behind bars. Yet the liars get no jail time.


And finally, notice in the story below the motive of one of the accusers -- to seek attention from an ex-boyfriend. But, as we all know from the feminists, women don't lie about rape. Right. Except in this one story -- we see multiple lies.


New Zealand, the way you handle these claims is disgraceful. One thing is sure to come from it: the epidemic will continue.


Another charged for rape claim

By BELINDA FEEK and AARON LEAMAN - Waikato Times Thursday, 26 June 2008

A woman who claimed she had been raped shortly after Hamilton police launched the serial rapist investigation has been charged with making a false complaint.

The 41-year-old yesterday appeared in Hamilton District Court charged with perverting the course of justice.

Kohine Dallas Pania Turanga claimed a man forced his way into her Albert St, Hamilton East, home about midnight on November 16 last year.

A tearful Turanga was remanded on bail without plea to reappear on July 11.

Turanga's complaint is now one of six reported complaints police have found to be false, with only the rapes being investigated as part of the serial rapist investigation, dubbed Operation Phil, still unsolved. Operation Phil relates to three rapes in Hamilton during April, May and July last year. The five other rape complainants have now all been dealt with by the courts.

The women had a variety of reasons for their fake complaints. Matamata's Chie Ikee, 21, claimed she was dragged into a van and raped by a group of men on Ward Ln on November 14 last year. Police later discovered she was simply trying to seek attention from an ex-boyfriend.
While the circumstances behind the alleged false Albert St complaint are yet to be revealed, Detective Senior Sergeant Chris Page said police had wasted a large amount of police and ESR scientists' resources and time in investigations.

"The media coverage of this (Albert St) incident was significant as police dealt with a number of rape allegations at that time. This case has proven to be the third false complaint from that week.

"It's even more frustrating when real complaints had been put to one side to deal with this and other similar allegations at the time."

Police were still investigating the incident up until last week.

Mr Page said the detrimental impact was far reaching. "Instances such as this are an insult to those real victims who police work closely with."

However, he said the arrest would not hamper Operation Phil.

"Those three complaints that make up Operation Phil remain valid and detectives are committed to locating the offender."

A Hamilton Rape and Sexual Abuse Healing Centre spokeswoman said it was sad women were making false complaints. "It makes women, who have suffered sexual violence, angry and almost brings the whole process into disrepute. It brings doubt ... about the truth."

FALSE: August 1: Zoe Joy Maxine Arama, 18, Hamilton.
CONVICTED: Ordered to pay $375 reparation.
August 4: 16-year-old Morrinsville girl. Referred to the police Youth Aid section.
November 14: Kohine Dallas Pania Turanga, 41, Hamilton East. Court proceedings underway.
November 14, midnight: 21-year-old Chie Ikee of Matamata.
CONVICTED: One-year suspended sentence.
Between November 12 and 19: Another rape complaint laid, but police discover it's false within 24 hours. She was not prosecuted.
February 29: Caitlyn Ann Moore, 17, of Hamilton.
CONVICTED: Ordered to pay $1800 reparation.
FACTUAL: April, May, July - Three women were raped by a man aged between 18 and 30, with fair hair. File opened and labelled Operation Phil.
UNSOLVED: Police still investigating.