Monday, June 30, 2008

Another rape lie by a teen

Another teen lied about rape. The frightening thing is the detail with which she described her imaginary attacker. Mid-30s, blond hair, goatee -- and a possible hand injury.

Teenage girls are often very effective liars, at least when it comes to rape. It is not far-fetched to suspect that the men in the area where the alleged incident occurred who bore a resemblance to the composite sketch probably were shaving their faces and dying their hair before her lie was brought to light. It's the degree of verisimilitude that is so frightening.

But, of course, false rape claims are a "myth." Ah, right.

Police say teen lied about church rape

By Ben WinslowDeseret News
Published: June 27, 2008

Clearfield police said a teenage girl's claims that she was raped in the middle of a church parking lot in broad daylight are false.

In a statement sent to the Deseret News on Friday, Clearfield Assistant Police Chief Greg Krusi said laboratory test results and other evidence analyzed did not match up with the girl's claims about being attacked.

"The juvenile was formally interviewed again by investigators at which time she admitted to fabricating the story due to personal issues occurring in her life," Krusi wrote.

The alleged rape was reported in May when the girl said she had dropped off a friend at a nearby apartment complex. She pulled into the church parking lot at 1985 S. Main to pick up some things that had fallen off a seat in the van she was driving. That's when she said a man entered her car, overpowered her and raped her.

The rape claim had police frantically searching for the man. They even released a police sketch of a man they described as in his mid-30s, with blond hair and a goatee. The girl said the man may have sustained a hand injury in the attack.

Now the girl faces criminal charges.

"Clearfield police detectives screened this case with the Davis County Attorney's Office and they will be charging the female juvenile in juvenile court with filing a false police report, a class A misdemeanor," Krusi wrote.


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