Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Another feminist canard: Men tolerate, sanction, countenance rape

The radical feminist assertion that men countenance rape, and that rape laws are established by men to allow rapists to escape punishment, are among the most vile lies in the entire radical feminist canon, and that's saying a lot. To hear the radicals talk, one would think that a rape occurs in a gender vacuum, and that the only ones affected are the victim and the outraged feminists who see rape as a tool of the "patriarchy."

The legal term for this position is bullshit.

The reality is that for every woman raped, there are usually at least several men and boys deeply affected -- a husband, a father, sons, a boyfriend, brothers, nephews, uncles, cousins, friends and co-workers. Most men and women co-exist quite nicely in the world outside of the fairyland of radical feminism; they love and are loved by each other, and what affects one person, regardless of gender, affects a community. That is a world the radicals don't understand.

The stereotypical male outrage over the rape of a female loved one is well-known to everyone -- except, of course, the radical feminists. To them, when a rape occurs, the victim's male-loved ones are winking at one another, secretly hoping the rapist escapes punishment because, of course, all men and boys stick together and would sooner see a woman they love raped than to make rape easier to convict and thus limit their own options to rape. Underlying this nonsense is the premise that all men and boys are rapists in waiting. Right.

The above is all common sense. Decades ago it would have seemed silly even to write this, it's so obvious. But the radical feminists have developed their own version of reality -- akin to holding the world up to a funhouse mirror that renders it misshapen beyond all recognition -- that makes it necessary to restate things that are obvious to every fair-minded person.

An example of what I'm describing is this story in the news. Detectives say they captured an accused rapist on the run after getting help from the man's best friend -- a guy -- who was disgusted about the alleged rape. The friend even physically held the alleged rapist until deputies were able to arrest him.

Stories like this are legion. Males disgusted by rape. Males shooting alleged rapists. Males stabbing alleged rapists. (In both the shooting and stabbing stories linked, the alleged rape turned out to be false -- the woman and girl lied.) The vast majority of men hate rape and wouldn't do anything to countenance it, and that includes even killing "one of their own" fellow males if they thought the man raped a woman they loved. While most men, and women, also happen to be concerned about the rights of innocent men (something radical feminists are not at all concerned about), it is fair to suggest that most men would mete out greater punishments to real rapists than would women.

But just try telling that to the radical feminists. If they ever acknowledged male outrage over rape, they would attribute it to men's supposed feelings that they "own" women and that their "property" has been defiled. In any event, there's no point in trying to engage in constructive dialogue with idiots who believe the worst about almost half the population of our planet.