Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Woman held for filing false rape case

An unusual false rape case since it involves monetary extortion. Typically the motive is to cover up a sexual relationship the woman does not want revealed to a parent, husband or boyfriend. This clearly is atypical.

NEW DELHI: A 38-year-old woman, allegedly involved in serial cases of extortion by trying to implicate people in rape cases, was arrested by the crime branch of the Delhi police on May 9.

The accused, identified as Neerja Sharma, is part of a gang in which she was helped by two former ACPs of the Delhi police. The gang's latest target was a north-west Delhi-based orthopaedic surgeon Dr Mukesh Aggarwal.

The woman threatened to implicate him in a false rape case if he did not pay her money. She was arrested two years ago on similar charges. Aggarwal has alleged that the woman Neerja Sharma came to his clinic three years ago with a complaint of pain in her back. Police added that Sharma and her gang members are also linked to the suicide of a retired Colonel three years ago.