Tuesday, May 13, 2008

'Wicked' rape lies girl jailed

The following story illustrates an interesting truth about false rape claims. Although false reporting of rape is a crime whose victims are almost exclusively male, it has become so embroiled in the feminist sexual assault milieu that discussing it as a potentially significant problem for the male gender is verboten because such view does not conform to the feminist rape metanarrative.

In fact, this crime may be unique among all crimes because virtually the entire public discourse about it is dominated by persons who insist it is not a serious public threat, at least not to men.

In any event, when the crime of false reporting is discussed, it is typically viewed through a gynocentric lens that blinks at the harm it causes innocent men. News reports about false rape claims take on an almost surreal cookie-cutter redundancy. Police typically adopt an indifference to the male victims, instead choosing to chide the false accuser for wasting police time. More disturbing is that news accounts often report a police officer, sexual assault counselor or judge chiding the false accuser for the "real" harm she's caused -- not to the man wrongly accused or to other potential men she might accuse -- but to hypothetical, even unborn women who might be less willing to come forward with legitimate rape claims because of the false accusation.

Read the judge's comments at the end of the story and you will see a perfect example of this gynocentric view.

Published Date: 13 May 2008
By Amy Burns

AN "IMMATURE" temptress who falsely claimed she was raped by a man she seduced in a South Yorkshire pub has been jailed after a judge branded her "wicked". Provocatively-dressed Zara Louise McKenning, aged 21, was locked up for two years after making false claims against Darren Holling when her jailed boyfriend's mates caught them together and threatened to tell him.Sheffield Crown Court heard McKenning, of Park Road, Barnsley, met Holling in a pub in December last year.

After drinking for a few hours, they kissed passionately before catching a bus to her home. A barmaid said McKenning was dressed in a basque and she and Mr Holling were "all over each other" before they left holding hands and "looked happy". But McKenning cried rape after two of her boyfriend's acquaintances walked in while she and Mr Holling were getting dressed after they had had consensual sex. She told the men he raped her and Mr Holling fled.

The rape was reported to police and McKenning embellished the story, claiming her drink had been spiked. She also said Mr Holling was violent during the "ordeal".

Mr Holling, 29, was arrested and spent 27 hours in custody where he was strip searched, examined and made to give DNA samples before being released on bail. McKenning, meanwhile, was also examined by police doctors and even gave a video interview with officers. Police investigated the crime for almost three months and uncovered a number of inaccuracies in her story but she still maintained the allegations.

It wasn't until February 5 this year that she admitted she had lied.In a statement read to the court, Mr Holling said he "collapsed on the floor and felt physically sick" with "sheer relief" after hearing the case had been dropped. He said the allegation had left him unable to stop worrying, "scared" by what might happen and convinced "everyone was looking at him". James Baird, defending, described McKenning, who sobbed and shook throughout the hearing, as "immature". He said she had made up the story to "protect herself" as she feared her boyfriend, who was in prison at the time, would be violent towards her if he found out she had slept with another man.

Jailing McKenning, who pleaded guilty to perverting the course of justice, Judge Graham Robinson branded her "wicked" and a "blatant liar".

"People like you who make false allegations of rape are shameful," he said."You are disrespectful and are discrediting those who are genuine victims of that terrible offence. "You dishonour their horrendous ordeal."