Monday, May 5, 2008

Teen Lied About Gas Station Kidnapping & Rape: 18-Year Old Charged With Filing False Report

A North Miami Dade teen who told police she was kidnapped from a gas station, driven to a secluded location and raped has been arrested. 18-year old Janea Randolph has been charged with filing a false police report. Randolph reportedly told police while she was filling up her car at a gas station on Northwest 95th Street near Northwest 6th Avenue on April 26th two men in an older model 4-door gray Lincoln pulled in behind her and offered to help. She replied that she didn't need any assistance and walked over to the attendant's booth. When she returned and got back in her car, she told investigators that the man who had been in the passenger seat of the Lincoln moments ago was now sitting in her car beside her.

The alleged man ordered her to drive to a location that was near the gas station where he sexually assaulted her. Randolph gave officers a detailed description of the man's car and even helped a sketch artist draw a likeness of her attacker.

As the investigation continued, detectives noted several inconsistencies in Randolph's account of the assault and were unable to turn up any witnesses who saw her taken from the gas station or with her attacker. During questioning, Randolph admitted she had lied to police about the abduction and the assault.

Comment: The elaborate details of some of these false rape claims never cease to amaze me.