Saturday, May 31, 2008

Judy Benitez obviously thinks that false claims should not be part of the public discourse about rape

Judy Benitez, the executive director of the Louisiana Foundation Against Sexual Assault stopped by NPR to discuss whether child rapists should be executed. Asked near the end of the interview who should have a voice in the controversy, she noted "victims."

She did not acknowledge that men are falsely convicted of rape and obviously does not believe that false claims should be part of the public discourse on rape. That's because, to people like Judy Benitez, false claims are so rare.

Many sexual assault counselors call false rape claims a "myth" or a "bugaboo."

And that's why we have this Web site, to insist that false rape claims -- which are not rare, which are not a myth or a "bugaboo" -- must be part of the public discourse about rape. This public discourse, sadly, is dominated by persons who have a financial interest is transmogrifying rape into a national epidemic. One of the ways they do this is to minimize any suggestion that a rape claim could be spurious. These persons fit the classic definition of "biased" because of their financial interest, but they are routinely trotted out by the news outlets as if they were impartial experts.