Saturday, May 3, 2008

Fourteen-year-old falsely claims 'foreign men' raped her

Fourteen year old girl is given a final warning over a false rape claim. She told police that she had been raped in Wimbledon Park, Southsea, on August 20, 2007, claiming she had been attacked by a group of foreign men. Police launched a major inquiry into her claims and questioned several people but no-one was ever charged with the offence. Now the girl, who was 14 at the time, has been questioned further by detectives and has admitted she made the whole thing up. Detective Inspector Ray Hallet from Portsmouth CID said: "I would like to assure people we deal with all allegations of rape very seriously. We will also deal robustly with any false allegations."

Comment: Here is another example of pointing the finger at scary "foreign" men for a rape that never occurred. And another example of a major police effort to investigate the lie. And, of course, the de rigueur "we deal with rape allegations seriously." It is refreshing also to see a police officer state that false allegations will also be dealt with robustly -- the latter seems to be part of a growing trend, and he's to be commended for that.