Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Follow-up to yesterday's story: Student charged with filing false report

A good result -- except the school needs to reinstate him, now. But note the DNA test sided with the professor -- just imagine what a living nightmare this woman might have created for the professor if they had consensual sex and the DNA did NOT side with him. Frightening.

Round Lake coed charged with filing false report
CLC student claimed prof raped her
May 21, 2008


GRAYSLAKE -- A College of Lake County student who was angry that an indecency complaint against a professor wasn't being handled promptly, falsely claimed she was raped as well, police said.

Grayslake police say Antoinette Taylor, 38, of 30 Glenwood Drive, Round Lake, was lying when she told CLC police she was raped by a professor.

Taylor reported being assaulted after filing an initial report that claimed a professor exposed himself to her, said Grayslake police Cmdr. Matt McCutcheon. Taylor apparently felt police were not taking her first complaint seriously, McCutcheon said.

Grayslake police got involved in the assault investigation in March after college authorities asked for assistance.

During the course of the investigation, certain elements of the case began to fall apart, including negative DNA results.

When police brought Taylor in for questioning last week, she admitted she made up the story, McCutcheon said.

She was charged with four felony counts of filing a false police report.

And police are not pursuing the investigation into whether the professor actually exposed himself, McCutcheon said.

"It's his story versus her story. She lacks credibility because of the (assault accusation)," McCutcheon said.