Monday, May 12, 2008

Community Reacts to Crystal Snyder's False Rape Report Charges -- In Typical Fashion

Of course the reaction is about the hypothetical, future, unknown, possible rape victim: "Some may really go through an experience like that and now no one is going to believe them from now on." Does anyone ever think to be concerned about the hypothetical, future, unknown, possible falsely accused male?

A community reacts to a woman's claims of being raped at gunpoint...and the charges she faces because of it. Walker County investigators say Crystal Snider lied about the reported crime in Flintstone, Georgia.

Some people who live in that area told us they were shocked and scared.... But now, they say even though they feel safer, they're upset about the false fear created by this false report. Deanna Mitchell says she was shocked when she heard that a woman driving on Nickajack Road on April 25 saw blue lights blinking behind her, pulled over and cop impersonators had held a gun to her head, then raped her on the side of the road.

"I was scared because something like that happening here, especially in this area with me having kids, I don't want that to happen to me."

Friday, when we told her that the Sheriff's Office has now closed its' investigation and determined that the woman, Crystal Snider, filed a false report, she was relieved, and said, "It makes me feel a whole lot better, a whole lot better." Sheriff Steve Wilson says they're relieved as well, knowing there are not police impersonators on their streets committing crimes. Wilson says, "This was a very serious allegation, not only a serious nature, the act against her, but what it did was alarm and frighten people living in that area."

People in the community say now that they know that the reported incident never really happened, they feel much better not only about their safety when driving down back roads, but also about their trust in law enforcement. Mitchell says, "Yeah, a little bit, because now you're not worried about if it's a cop behind me or not, and if they do pull me over am I going to be in trouble for not stopping and all this, so it helps." But Ronnie Holden, who lives on the street where the crime was reported, said he's afraid the damage has already been done to law enforcement. He says, "They have enough time keeping their reputation up and the trust up that we should have in them and then somebody comes along and makes accusations like this, that is just disturbing to me."

A disturbing, untrue report Mitchell thinks Snider should be punished for. Mitchell says, "It upsets me because that's something that doesn't need to be joked around with, because some may really go through an experience like that and now no one is going to believe them from now on."

Snider has been released on bond and is due in court on June seventh. Wilson says filing a false report, is always a misdemeanor and Snider could either be charged a one thousand dollar fine or serve twelve months in jail. Wilson would not say why Snider filed the report.