Tuesday, May 20, 2008

College student falsely claimed instructor raped her, cops say

Yet another case where a false rape claim turns an innocent man's life upside down. He was dismissed from his job as a teacher based on the lie, and the school callously won't say if he'll be reinstated now that the lie has been exposed. Is that because there will always be a kernel of doubt that can never quite be erased? Virtually any man is a potential victim of such a lie, and the harm of the lie is rarely contained in a vacuum. It's ripple effects often extend long and far, and it often destroys lives.

College student falsely claimed instructor raped her, cops say
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A College of Lake County student was arrested Monday after police said she falsely accused an instructor of sexually assaulting her.

Antionette Taylor, 38, of 309 Glenwood Drive, Round Lake, was charged with one felony county of making a false police report.

Taylor first told CLC police she'd been sexually assaulted earlier this year by the teacher, Grayslake police Operations Cmdr. Matt McCutcheon said. She said the attack occurred in a classroom, he said.

CLC police contacted Grayslake police in early March and asked for assistance with the investigation, McCutcheon said.

Police took DNA samples, gathered other evidence and conducted several interviews during the ensuing investigation. Some physical evidence contradicted Taylor's story, police said.

Her accusation unraveled last week during an interview at the police station, during which she admitted making up the story about the assault, McCutcheon said.

"We don't believe there was any sex, consensual or non-consensual," he said.

McCutcheon was not sure why Taylor concocted the story. He said she's filed a lawsuit against the college, too, but he didn't know the nature of the complaint.

Taylor was scheduled to appear in Lake County circuit court Monday afternoon for a bond hearing.

The CLC board held a closed-door hearing about the accused teacher in March, a spokeswoman said earlier this month. The teacher was suspended and his contract was not renewed for the 2008-09 year, the spokeswoman said.

Nancy McNerney, CLC's interim vice president for administrative affairs, declined to comment on the student's arrest Monday. She also declined to say whether the college will reconsider the teacher's dismissal.