Friday, May 9, 2008

Claim that two cops raped a woman exposed as lie

Men who had taken an oath to protect people as police officers were unfairly stigmatized by a woman's lies. Every woman in the vicinity where a so-called rape was supposedly committed by two men pretending to be police officers would obviously wonder if a male police officer who pulled her over for a minor traffic offense was, in fact, a rapist. Of course no such rape ever occurred, but one must wonder how easy it is for innocent women to erase the stigma from their minds. How vile the false rape claim can be!

A Lookout Mountain, Ga., woman was arrested and booked at the Walker County Jail on Thursday afternoon for filing a false police report on April 25, when she claimed she had been raped at gunpoint on Nickajack Road.

Walker County Sheriff Steve Wilson said detectives charged 23-year-old Crystal N. Snider with one count of false report of a crime.

Ms. Snider was released from jail on bond and will appear in Walker County State Court on June 7.

She earlier told authorities she was raped by two men posing as police officers. She said she was followed from the Wallaceville community on Wallaceville Road to Nickajack Road in Flintstone around 11:45 p.m.

She claimed the driver or passenger activated a blue light(s) located in the grill of the vehicle.

The woman said she stopped her vehicle on the shoulder of Nickajack Road and was approached by two white males and ordered to exit her vehicle and undress. The woman said one man held a gun to her head while the other man raped her.