Thursday, May 8, 2008

Another false rape where cops "do not want to discourage genuine reports of this kind"

Ugh! One could write the script for these cases, they are so predictable -- false claim of rape, woman recants, and police publicly state that they don't want to discourage legitimate claims. Never mind expressing concern for innocent men who might have been arrested (as they often are). Again, this underscores that these cases have been subsumed in the feminist sexual assault milieu which insists false rape claims are a "myth."

See the original story here

Woman fined over false rape claim

A 20-year-old woman has been issued with a fixed penalty notice after making a false allegation of rape.Police have confirmed that the allegation of rape made by the woman, who lives on Wellington Street, Ipswich, has been withdrawn. The incident was alleged to have happened at about 10.15pm on Monday April 28 in an alleyway on Bramford Lane, Ipswich. The woman reported it to police on Friday May 2.

An investigation revealed a number of inconsistencies in her account and on challenging the woman she admitted the allegation was false and no attack had taken place. She was issued with a fixed penalty notice for wasting police time.

Detective Inspector Alan Seaman who led the investigation said: “As a result of a robust investigation I am satisfied that no criminal activity took place. We have a duty to investigate allegations of crimes and had to be 100% sure that no offence had occurred. I do not want to discourage genuine reports of this kind, as early notification is essential in maximising the potential to secure evidence.”