Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Teen lies about rape, cop is interested in her 'motive'

Eighteen-year-old Cristina Arotoma-Quispe of Springfield, Virginia told police that she was carrying her 3-month-old daughter in a portable car seat on the evening ofApril 24 when she was approached by a man with a gun in the Commerce Plaza, near Backlick Road. She reported that the man ordered her to go behind a home in the 6200 block of Dana Avenue and raped her. Police investigated the case intensely, Officer Camille S. Neville said yesterday, because of the possibility of a rapist in the community. "Public safety is paramount," Neville said. "We investigated it fully and determined [the report] to be false." The woman recanted her story. Neville said she did not know why the woman made the report. "Once we get to court, maybe we'll determine what her motives are," Neville said. Arotoma-Quispe was charged with a misdemeanor of making a false police report and arrested at her home Monday evening.

Comment: I'm sorry, Officer Neville, but you are interested in her motive? Have you ever once asked what a rapist's motive is? Wouldn't most people say it doesn't matter, and they don't care? But somehow a false accusation of rape is different, and we need to learn the woman's motive?