Sunday, April 6, 2008

Counselling for teen after false rape complaint

NEW ZEALAND - A 19-year-old woman has admitted lying about being sexually assaulted in the coastal settlement of Te Awanga near Hastings last Monday. Police said the teenager was re-interviewed after they conducted inquiries and examined forensic evidence. "It is very disappointing and frustrating that this young woman falsely reported a crime," Detective Senior Sergeant Dave de Lange said.

"Considerable time and resources were put into investigating this matter at the expense of other investigations." The woman has been referred to counselling services. Police said a decision would be made as to whether charges would be laid against her.

Comment: One has to marvel at the understatement of these false rape accusation stories. They are not crimes so much as disappointments. The possible harm to innocent men is often not a concern at all, but wasting police time -- that is a no-no. The exact same quotes could be transferred verbatim to stories where schoolboys pull college pranks, like setting off the sprinkler system -- that's "very disappointing," and most frustrating that it wastes police time.