Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Woman arrested for false rape report

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By Don FletcherProgress staff writer

A local woman who reported early last week that she was the victim of a sexual assault was ar­rested three days later after she admitted that she had falsely ac­cused the man she said had at­tacked her.

Autauga County Sheriff's Of­fice investigators confirmed this week that Kara Dison, 19, was ar­rested and is charged with filing a false report with a law enforce­ment agency. Dison is unem­ployed and lives with her parents, near the Pine Level community, investigators said.

According to sheriff's reports, the woman told a deputy on Mar. 3, two days prior to her 19th birth­day, that a man who lived near her home had raped her. She provided the investigating deputy with a name and a physical description of her alleged assailant, and the man was taken into custody shortly thereafter.

"She told the deputy that she knew the suspect from her neigh­borhood," said ACSO Sgt. Casey Ott. "The deputy was able to de­tain the suspect very quickly, be­lieving he had enough probable cause to make an arrest. The per­son she identified was in custody within 30 minutes, charged with rape."

Dison reportedly traveled to a rape crisis center in Montgomery, where an on-call nurse was paged and a full rape examination was conducted. Before the results of the test were made known, the al­leged victim came to the sheriff's office and recanted her story.

The investigator said Dison's decision to continue the charade by subjecting herself to the test prompted the levying of criminal charges against her and the drop­ping of the rape charge against the suspect.

"Based on her statement, we had prepared a photo lineup and was going to interview her the next day," he said. "During our in­vestigation, some things came out that led us to believe she had been in a relationship with this gentle­man. She eventually advised us that she had, and that her story was fabricated. But she had will­ingly taken it to the next level, knowing her claims were untrue, and she was arrested."

The woman was taken into cus­tody less than 24 hours after she had celebrated her birthday.
Chief Deputy Donnie Nelson said the sheriff's office would no longer tolerate such false crime re­ports that tie up personnel who could be better utilized elsewhere.

"We're not going to let this type of thing go anymore," Nelson said. "We don't have the personnel or the time for it. This cost us pre­cious time that we could have been working on something else. We don't have time to play games. It doesn't have to be a rape case, ei­ther. If we catch somebody in a lie, we're going to charge them. It's just that simple."