Thursday, March 20, 2008


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Investigation of alleged rape turns up no evidence.
Joe Wilbert

The Elyria Police Department informed Campus Security of their intentions to close the investigation of the alleged rape and kidnapping of an LCCC student.

An e-mail from Campus Security said the EPD believes the incident did not occur and they haven't decided whether or not to pursue charges against the 39-year-old student.

A campus alert came after a female student reported she was allegedly forced into a van at gun point and raped by three black males on Monday, Feb. 18 at 4:15 p.m.

The report filed at Campus Security said after the female was kidnapped and raped, she was abandoned naked near her vehicle. Then the black males threw her clothes at her and drove off.

The EPD report of the incident read that the victim refused medical treatment and a rape kit, a standard set of tests to collect evidence. The report also revealed the victim had ice cream and cold beverages in her car, and when detectives inquired when she went to the store, she couldn't remember if it was before or after the incident. No receipt was found.

"After reviewing several hours of video surveillance, nothing was found," said Keith Brown,

Interim Director of Security. EPD officers said no physical evidence was visible, and there was no information to assist in identifying suspects, or solving this case.

Campus Security still wants to encourage all campus community members to be vigilant and aware, and to report any suspicious activity immediately.